Our Services

Emergency Care

In any emergency, seconds count. Emergency care is offered during regular business hours as well as after hours. Should you have an after hours emergency, and you are a Countryside client please call the main office at 615-758-6406 for instructions on how to reach the doctor on call. If you are not a Countryside Client we ask that you call your regular veterinarian, as we do not see non-clients after hours. 

Area emergency clinics:
Nashville Pet Emergency through Blue Pearl- Goodlettsville- 859-3778
Nashville Pet Emergency through Blue Pearl- Murfreesboro- 890-1259
Nashville Pet Emergency through Blue Pearl- Downtown- 383-2600
Nashville Veterinary Specialists- Sidco Dr.- 386-0107


We would be happy to bathe your dog for you. Your pet will feel better, be cleaner, and smell better too! If scratching or a skin infection is a problem, we offer medicated baths. Services also include a nail trim and ear cleaning. If fleas are a problem, ask us about our topical or oral products. *Must be current on vaccines. (Rabies, DA2PP, Bordetella)

Dental Care

Regular professional cleaning is important to maintaining your pet's teeth.   During this sedated procedure we use a modern and safe ultrasonic scaler to clean each tooth thoroughly - above and below the gum line. Dental technicians polish teeth to create a smooth, lustrous surface more resistant to plaque buildup. Every patient goes home with a course of antibiotics. We also have chews and special diets available to prevent and reduce tartar buildup in your cat or dog.


Microchips have helped reunite thousands of pets with their families. We offer Data Mars (Pet Link) microchip products to increase the chances of a safe recovery.

Euthanasia Services

Saying goodbye to a long-time friend is difficult. To help ease the pain for all involved, each pet is sedated as part of the euthanasia process to ensure the pet's comfort and dignity. Services also include taking care of the remains as directed by the client: pet owners have the choice to take their pet home for burial, we can arrange for burial, or pets can be cremated and returned.

Other services we offer:

* Pharmacy
* In-house laboratory
* In-house digital X-ray
* Routine spays and neuters, feline declaws
* Orthopedic surgery
* Laser for soft tissue surgery
* Companion Cold Laser Therapy
* Drop off services
We understand you lead a busy life, and we offer drop off services for your convenience. Pets must be current on all vaccines. Please call for details.

**Surgical procedures, dentals, boarding and bathing services are for current and active established clients only. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are unable to offer these services for non-clients.  If you have any questions please call our office for more details.