f you have an emergency and are a  current client of Countryside please call the main office at 615-758-6406 for instructions on how to reach one our veterinarians. Due to our expanding clientele, we are only able to see current clients of Countryside on emergency. If you are not a client of Countryside please call your regular veterinarian or an emergency clinic listed below. 

Emergency office visit for clients: $100.00

We like to keep our clients informed. Please be aware that most emergencies will require bloodwork and/or x-rays. The average Non-surgical emergency visit can cost $300-$500. Surgical emergencies average $1500-$2000.
If your pet is hospitalized, a deposit will be required, typically half of the estimated cost for treatment.

Payment is due at time of services and discharge from the hospital.

Area emergency clinics:

Blue Pearl- Franklin- 333-1212
Nashville Pet Emergency through Blue Pearl- Goodlettsville- 859-3778
Nashville Pet Emergency through Blue Pearl- Murfreesboro- 890-1259
Nashville Pet Emergency through Blue Pearl- Downtown Nashville- 383-2600
Nashville Veterinary Specialists- Sidco Dr.- 386-0107

ASPCA Poison Control
(888) 426-4435