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  • Nexgard
  • Advantage Multi
  • Frontline Gold
  • Seresto Collar
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  • Advantage Multi
  • Frontline Gold
  • Seresto Collar
  • Bravecto
  • Revolution Plus

Spring showers bring pet dangers​

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Fleas & Ticks
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Accidental Pregnancies
Heartworm disease is a very serious and easily preventable disease. It is caused by mosquitoes infected with heartworms. The life cycle of heartworms is 6 months, so it takes at least that long for a dog to present with heartworm disease after bitten. Immature heartworms circulate in the bloodstream and adult heartworms live in the right side of the heart and move into the lungs. If heartworm disease progresses to the adult stage then they can cause right sided heart failure. Right sided heart failure presents as any respiratory difficulty, exercise intolerance, and a distended abdomen. Left untreated, this will be fatal. Heartgard is an inexpensive prevention, at most $10/month, whereas heartworm treatment could range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and maybe the life of your pet.

For more information, please visit the American Heartworm Society.
Image from The American Heartworm Society, 2016

​​Rebates and Specials

Dogs must be current patients within the last 12 months and MUST be currently negative for heartworms for us to safely prescribe heartworm preventions for your pet.
Current as of March 2020 

​Heartgard only - Buy 12 get $12 rebate
Nexgard only - Buy 6 get 1 free or buy 12 get 1 free
Frontline Gold only - Buy 3 get 1 free or buy 6 get 2 free

Heartgard/Nexgard or Heartgard/Frontline Combos

1) Buy 12 of each - $60 rebate
2) Buy 12 Heartgard, 6 Nexgard/Frontline - $35 rebate

3) Buy 6 Heartgard, 6 Nexgard/Frontline - $25 rebate

Advantage Multi - Buy 6 - $20 rebate ($35 rebate with Heartworm Test)
Advantage Multi - Buy 12 - $60 rebate ($70 rebate with Heartworm Test)
Seresto collar- $15 rebate

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